pcc/ build-ubuntu-804

You must build and install the pcc-libs module which contains libpcc.a and runtime startup code.

The alloca.h glibc header file is broken so alloca() doesn't work. The header file undefines alloca and then fails to set it to something useful if __GNUC__ is not defined.

Try putting the following into /usr/local/include/pcc/alloca.h:

#ifndef _ALLOCA_H
#define _ALLOCA_H

#include <features.h>

#define __need_size_t
#include <stddef.h>


/* Remove any previous definitions.  */
#undef  alloca

/* Allocate a block that will be freed when the calling function exits.  */
extern void *alloca (size_t __size) __THROW;

#if defined(__GNUC__) || defined(__PCC__)
# define alloca(size)   __builtin_alloca (size)
#endif /* GCC.  */


#endif /* alloca.h */