pcc/ building

Unix Hosts

Currently, PCC will build on most unix-based operating systems.

Building PCC is reasonably straight-forward:

$ ./configure
$ make && make install

By default, the compiler is installed to /usr/local/bin/pcc and the pre-processor in /usr/local/libexec/cpp.

To use PCC as the system compiler you may need to modify some system header files. See Supported-Platforms for information about your platform.

If you wish to build a cross-compiler, some further information is available at Cross-Compiler.

If you wish to cross-compile PCC, some further information is available at Cross-Compile

Microsoft Windows Host

PCC will build on Microsoft Windows

Compilation has been tested with Visual Studio 7, but should also work with the Microsoft C++ Toolkit. You also need bison and flex as build tools. These tools can be found in the UnxTools distribution.

By default, directories under c:\pcc will contain the built binaries. You can add c:\pcc\bin to your path.

You will need the YASM assembler. Rename yasm.exe and copy the binary into c:\pcc\bin. Install the libraries and include files under c:\pcc\include and c:\pcc\lib.

You will also need the include files and libraries from mingw32 runtime and w32api. You can find these file on the pcc ftp server.