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_>2323 .Nd front-end to the C compiler
 2424 .Sh SYNOPSIS
 2525 .Nm
 2626 .Op Fl cEgkMPStvX
 2727 .Op Fl B Ns Ar prefix
 2828 .Op Fl D Ar macro Ns Oo = Ns Ar value Oc
<> 29+.Op Fl d Ns Ar flags
2930 .Op Fl f Ns Ar feature
 3031 .Op Fl I Ar path
 3132 .Op Fl include Ar file
 3233 .Op Fl isystem Ar path
 3334 .Op Fl L Ns Ar path
 3435 .Op Fl m Ns Ar option
133134 Passed to the
 134135 .Xr cpp 1
 135136 preprocessor to define
 136137 .Ar macro
 137138 with an optional
 138139 .Ar value .
<> 140+.It Fl d Ns Ar flags
  141+Debug options.
  142+.Ar flags
  143+is a string of characters, which signify the following actions.
  144+.Bl -tag -width ".Sy M"
  145+.It Sy M
  146+Cause the preprocessor to output a list of macro definitions.
  149+any unknown flags are ignored.
<_139150 .It Fl E
 140151 Stop after preprocessing with
 141152 .Xr cpp 1 .
 142153 Do not compile, assemble, or link.
 143154 Output is sent to standard output unless the
 144155 .Fl o
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