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_>7070 .It Fl D Ar macro[=value]
 7171 Fake a definition at the beginning by using
 7272 .Do #define
<>73 -.Ar macro Dc .
  73+.Ar macro=value Dc .
  75+.Ar value is not set on command-line, then defines as 1.
7476 .\" TODO: show example
 7577 .It Fl i Ar file
 7678 Include a file at the beginning by using
9193 .It Fl S Ar directory
 9294 Add
 9395 .Ar directory
<>94 -to the list of directories containing needed header files.
  96+to the list of system directories containing needed header files.
9597 This may be used to override system include directories.
 9698 .Fl S
 9799 may be specified multiple times.
 98100 .\" TODO: explain difference between -I and -S
<> 101+.\" The directories listed by -I are searched first?
99102 .It Fl t
 100103 Traditional cpp syntax.
 101104 Do not define the
171174 .Pp
 172175 This product includes software developed or owned by Caldera
 173176 International, Inc.
<_174 -
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