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MAIN:ragge:20160208020001 by ragge 08 February 2016, 03:00:01 +0100 ( 4 hours ago) new date 20160208

./DATESTAMP 1.497 history download (+1 -1) diffs

MAIN:ragge:20160207180428 by ragge 07 February 2016, 19:04:28 +0100 ( 12 hours ago) Add 0b which is a gcc extension that clang also understand.
Patch from Taylor R Campbell.
XXX - should have a warning about use if not gcc-compat.

./cc/ccom/scan.l 1.145 history download (+6 -4) diffs

MAIN:ragge:20160207175137 by ragge 07 February 2016, 18:51:37 +0100 ( 12 hours ago) Forgot to take care of C++ frontend that uses old syntax, as pointed out
by Taylor R Campbell.

./arch/amd64/local.c 1.95 history download (+2 -2) diffs

MAIN:ragge:20160207094839 by ragge 07 February 2016, 10:48:39 +0100 ( 20 hours ago) Allow named pointers to be cast to long or ulong.
Fixes bug reported by Taylor R Campbell.

./arch/amd64/local.c 1.94 history download (+10 -1) diffs


  DATESTAMP 1.497 history download 4 hours ragge
new date 20160208
  config.sub 1.12 history download 38 days ragge
More patches for litebsd.  Now compiles "Hello World".
Fixes Jira#PCC-540 by Bri…
  configure 1.124 history download 38 days ragge
Must add -D_BSD_SOURCE for Linux to get ffs prototype.
From Brian Callahan in Ji…
  configure.ac 1.144 history download 38 days ragge
Must add -D_BSD_SOURCE for Linux to get ffs prototype.
From Brian Callahan in Ji…
  config.h.in 1.31 history download 6 months ragge
Remove basename compat function since it is not used anymore.
Patch from Antoine…
  config.guess 1.4 history download 13 months plunky
latest config.guess and config.sub from gnu.org
  Makefile.in 1.9 history download 4 years 8 months plunky
no need to use path for rm, it is a standard tool
(and may not be in /bin anyway…
  install-sh 1.1 history download 11 years 3 months ragge
Needs this.
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