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MAIN:plunky:20121107095159 created by plunky on 07 November 2012, 10:51:59 +0100 (3 years 11 months ago) (patch) combination of changes
- reorder the input functions and split some functionality
- use inline for minimal inch() and inpch()
- only use inpch() from within inch()/chktg()/chkeol()
- use inch() directly instead of NXTCH() macro or inpch()
- '?' and '\\' no longer need to be C_SPEC
- escaped newlines absorbed by inch()
- only fastscan() emits normal newline (except during comments)
- fastscan() emits escaped newlines at end of line
- no need to emit line markers after conditional markers
- simplify conditional statement processing
- error() consistency

resulting in
+ trigraphs and escaped newline always processed
+ output line count same as input
+ 10-15% speedup of raw processing!
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