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Description: Issues related to the C frontend

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Open Issues

11 unresolved issue(s).


(with open issues due to be fixed per version for this component)
   Bug PCC-571 UNRESOLVED CLONE -List of regress tests in pcc-tests that pcc fails on amd64 Major Open
   Bug PCC-584 UNRESOLVED Compilation error when MULTIARCH_PATH is not defined Major Open
   Bug PCC-554 UNRESOLVED char is not handled as a separate type. Major Open
   Bug PCC-536 UNRESOLVED compiler error: listsetup: bad ip node -1077944164 Major Open
   Bug PCC-525 UNRESOLVED compiler errors triggered at musl-1.1.6 compilation Major Open
   New Feature PCC-433 UNRESOLVED recent commit causes a difference in output depending on compiler Major In Progress
   Bug PCC-497 UNRESOLVED stabs output is not in correct order Major In Progress
   Improvement PCC-589 UNRESOLVED A better switch/case and a better case-range Minor Open
   Improvement PCC-588 UNRESOLVED Improvement of module optim.c Minor Open
   Bug PCC-41 UNRESOLVED ld on OS X complains about stab entries without atoms Minor Open
   Bug PCC-286 UNRESOLVED pcc does not raise error for const modifications Minor In Progress
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