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Description: Issues related to the C frontend

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Open Issues

14 unresolved issue(s).


(with open issues due to be fixed per version for this component)
   Bug PCC-412 UNRESOLVED "hidden" visibility does not work for external declaration Major Open
   New Feature PCC-246 UNRESOLVED Implement restricted pointers Major Open
   Bug PCC-61 UNRESOLVED Include dir order not right Major Open
   Bug PCC-293 UNRESOLVED Lack of pragma support causing build failures (Cross-compiler Win32) Major Open
   Bug PCC-414 UNRESOLVED Unary - of complex not supported Major Open
   Bug PCC-33 UNRESOLVED Verification of function arguments not working for function pointers Major Open
   Bug PCC-31 UNRESOLVED XASM doesn't handle register spills Major Open
   Bug PCC-268 UNRESOLVED function (symbol?) renaming does not work with pre-declared functions Major Open
   New Feature PCC-52 UNRESOLVED wide character/string support for pcc Major Open
   Bug PCC-25 UNRESOLVED packed structures are not correct Major Reopened
   Bug PCC-57 UNRESOLVED _Complex constant value is not handled as a constant on initialization Minor Open
   Bug PCC-221 UNRESOLVED float restrict f; accepted Minor Open
   Bug PCC-41 UNRESOLVED ld on OS X complains about stab entries without atoms Minor Open
   Bug PCC-286 UNRESOLVED pcc does not raise error for const modifications Minor In Progress
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