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[PCC-93] Migrate code to a modern SCM Created: 27/Aug/09  Updated: 07/Sep/09

Status: Closed
Project: pcc
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Type: Task Priority: Major
Reporter: Altamiranus Assignee: Unassigned
Resolution: Won't Fix Votes: 0
Environment: All

CVS needs to be put to a swift death. There are many outstanding SCM that could be used. My personal favorite is Subversion, but what the hey, I am willing to use (gasp!) git, if need be.

The point is: CVS has got to go.

Comment by Gregory McGarry [ 27/Aug/09 02:07 PM ]
I like perforce. Which one to use?
Comment by Altamiranus [ 27/Aug/09 08:21 PM ]
I like Perforce, but I wouldn't recommend it for the reasons below:

* FreeBSD is an example of an organization that successfully uses Perforce to manage its source code. Keep in mind, however, that the copyright is owned by a single legal entity, The FreeBSD Project (in turned backed by the FreeBSD Foundation.) PCC's copyright is spread among many contributors, meaning that each active contributor would have to agree to Perforce's terms and submit a signed EULA to them in order to access the repository.

* Perforce's licenses must be renewed on a yearly basis. Making each active contributor send their renewals to Perforce would be an unneeded burden.

* Perforce would still be at liberty to change its licensing terms at any time. Anybody who remembers the Linux/BitKeeper fiasco knows exactly what I mean.

I like Rockbox's development process. Each contributor owns the copyright to their code, but they all agree to use the GPL. They currently use SVN.

We can take this discussion offline to discuss the merits of SVN vs. Git vs. Mercurial vs. etc.
Comment by Jonathan Gray [ 05/Sep/09 12:02 PM ]
This is not a PR, there is little point in switching to whatever the flavour of the month is today and introducing additional dependencies when CVS is perfectly fine.

This does not belong in the bug tracker.
Comment by Altamiranus [ 06/Sep/09 03:18 AM ]
This was not meant to be a PR, it is in fact a task.
Comment by Gregory McGarry [ 07/Sep/09 09:39 AM ]
This issue doesn't belong in the bugs database. Further discussion is on the mailing list.

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