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Revision 1.3

The compiler is based on the original Portable C Compiler by Stephen C. Johnson, written in the late 70's. Even though much of the compiler has been rewritten, some of the basics still remain.

A copy of S. C. Johnson's and Donn Seeley's 1987 ``A Tour Through the Portable C Compiler'' is available in [HTML]( and
[Postscript]( (For current pcc internal documentation, see the [[internals]] wiki page.)

Some history about pcc is in the [A History of UNIX before Berkeley: UNIX Evolution: 1975-1984](

About 50% of the frontend code and 80% of the backend code has been rewritten. Most stuff is written by Anders Magnusson, with the exception of the data-flow analysis part and the SSA conversion code which is written by Peter A Jonsson, and the Mips port that were written as part of a project by undergraduate students at LTU.

It was publicly announced to the NetBSD community on September 14, 2007. Shortly later it was
imported to the OpenBSD, pkgsrc, and NetBSD source trees.

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