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 Please document on this page about methods for standards and regression testing.
+### OpenBSD regress
 OpenBSD's CVS contains code for regression tests for pcc at /usr/src/regress/usr.bin/pcc/.
 [CVS Web](
-[[GCC_Testsuite]] can also be used.
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+### GCC Testsuite
+[[GCC_Testsuite]] can also be used. See [[here|GCC_Testsuite]] for details.
+### Pkgsrc
+Pkgsrc package build system can be used with pcc compiler if you want a way to quickly test "pcc" for a lot of "third-party" software (including doing entire bulk builds attempting thousands of packages):
+Also set PCCBASE to where your bin/pcc is at (/usr/pkg is the default).
+Note that NetBSD's pkgsrc package build system is portable 
+and is used as the primary package build system for DragonFly and some 
+distributions of Linux as well as NetBSD. It also has support for several 
+operating systems.
+pkgsrc also has support for several compiler suites, including: pcc, Tru64 ccc, 
+Intel icc, SGI IRIS, HPUX compiler, SGI's MIPSpro 64 and 32 compilers, Sun 
+WorkShip/Forte/Sun ONE Studio, GCC, and IBM's XL compiler. It also has support 
+for psuedo compilers: ccache, distcc and f2c.
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