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--- /standards_and_regression_testing.mdwn	2007/09/27 22:06:09	1.3
+++ /standards_and_regression_testing.mdwn	2007/09/27 22:07:42	1.4
@@ -21,7 +21,7 @@
 distributions of Linux as well as NetBSD. It also has support for several 
 operating systems.
-pkgsrc also has support for several compiler suites, including: pcc, Tru64 ccc, 
+pkgsrc also has support for selecting a custom compiler suite, including: pcc, Tru64 ccc, 
 Intel icc, SGI IRIS, HPUX compiler, SGI's MIPSpro 64 and 32 compilers, Sun 
 WorkShip/Forte/Sun ONE Studio, GCC, and IBM's XL compiler. It also has support 
 for psuedo compilers: ccache, distcc and f2c.
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