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 [[GCC_Testsuite]] can also be used. See [[here|GCC_Testsuite]] for details.
+### mcpp's Validation Suite for Standard C Conformance of Preprocessing
+The BSD-licensed mcpp (Matsui cpp) at <>
+provides the "Validation Suite for Standard C Conformance of Preprocessing".
+It comes with cpp\_test tool that can be used to test 265 tests and 
+provides scores. The very long ./doc/cpp-test.html document provides 
+details how to run cpp\_test tool.
+The ./doc/mcpp-summary.pdf file describes the results of the tests versus 
+several cpp implementations.
+TODO: test this and document here and send results back to the mcpp project to be included in their results.
 ### Pkgsrc
 Pkgsrc package build system can be used with pcc compiler if you want a way to quickly test "pcc" for a lot of "third-party" software (including doing entire bulk builds attempting thousands of packages):

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