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-Also set PCCBASE to where your bin/pcc is at (/usr/pkg is the default).
+Also set `PCCBASE` to where your bin/pcc is at (/usr/pkg is the default).
 Note that NetBSD's pkgsrc package build system is portable 
 and is used as the primary package build system for DragonFly and some 
@@ -43,6 +43,10 @@
 WorkShip/Forte/Sun ONE Studio, GCC, and IBM's XL compiler. It also has support 
 for psuedo compilers: ccache, distcc and f2c.
+Also cross-build support for modular and its dependencies in pkgsrc is also being worked on.
+(So pkgsrc with "pcc" seems like a good way to do lots of tests.)
 ### Commercial Compiler Testing
 Click [[here|Commercial_Validation]] for commercial services that provide compiler validation and testing.

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