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Differences for revision 1.24 from 1.23

--- /supported-platforms.mdwn	2009/12/29 18:05:57	1.23
+++ /supported-platforms.mdwn	2009/12/30 09:18:41	1.24
@@ -204,7 +204,7 @@
 You'll also need to modify the cdefs.h, stdarg.h and stdlib.h as for more recent NetBSD releases.
-__OpenBSD 4.6 (and later...)__
+__OpenBSD 4.6 and later...  (i386 stable, other under development)__
 pcc should compile and run just fine.  Note that -Werror must be removed from some parts of the system Makefiles since pcc does more type correctness checks than the gcc version that follows the system.

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