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Differences for revision 1.9 from 1.8

--- /supported-platforms.mdwn	2008/08/20 00:32:22	1.8
+++ /supported-platforms.mdwn	2008/11/09 15:51:47	1.9
@@ -22,6 +22,18 @@
 You must build and install the pcc-libs module which contains libpcc.a and stddef.h header files.
+__MidnightBSD-current (i386/sparc64)__
+Unless you're using the MirPorts Framework to install pcc, you must build and install the pcc-libs module.
+__MirBSD-current (i386)__
+The MirPorts Framework contains a tested snapshot in lang/pcc, which works without the pcc-libs module, as the required quad functions are all part of libc.
+Building pcc from source (including bootstrapping) is possible as well.
+The necessary header changes are integrated starting MirBSD #10. It is, however, not possible yet to compile MirBSD itself with pcc; using it as ports compiler is planned.
 __NetBSD-current (i386/mips/arm/powerpc)__
 NetBSD-current (to be released as NetBSD 5.0) should contain support for PCC to build applications.

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