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Revision 1.11

- [Target writers documentation](/ftp/pub/pcc-docs/targdocs.txt) is a document intended to contain the information needed to write support for a new target.

- [[How-it-works]] -- information on how the compilation process works.

- [[Building]] -- how to build PCC for your platform.

- [[Supported-Platforms]] -- list of supported platforms.

- [[Common-Problems]] -- solving some common problems.

- [[Cross-Compiler]] -- examples of using pcc as a cross compiler.

- [[Cross-Compile]] -- how to cross-compile pcc for a different host.

- The [[internals]] pages document the design and implementation of ccom (pcc's compiler).

- [Unicode for the PCC C99 Compiler](/ftp/pub/pcc-docs/pcc-utf8-ver3.pdf) written by Eric Olson describes the unicode support in PCC.

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