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Welcome to pcc, the Portable C Compiler.

This website is a [[wiki]]. Please join and help improve the website and pcc.

The compiler is based on the original Portable C Compiler by S. C.
Johnson, written in the late 70's. 
About 50% of the frontend code and 80% of the backend code has been
rewritten. See the [[PCC_History]] wiki page for details.










[Support pcc 1.0 at BSD Fund](



The project goal is to write a C99 compiler while still keeping it small, simple, fast and understandable. 
PCC is not affiliated with any other project, but the compiler has been imported into the OpenBSD and NetBSD base systems.
The project is maintained by me (ragge).

This product includes software developed or owned by Caldera
International, Inc. (See [[Licenses]].)

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