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## pcc News ##

* [PCC lectures at NYCBSDCon]( *Design and Implementation of the Portable C Compiler, Anders Magnusson spoke about the design and implementation of the Portable C Compiler and Michael Shalayeff discussed porting PCC.*

* [Ported to PDP11]( ) *"Initial port to pdp11. Currently generates almost as good code as the
Richie C compiler.  Target OS is 2.11BSD."*

* [f77 now working (somewhat)]( *"Now at least "Hello World" works" (for Fortran 77 driver)*

* [Version wrapped to 0.9.9.]( *"Pcc now supports all C99 language constructs (I hope), so wrap to 0.9.9."*

* [Compiling NetBSD with another compiler.]( *Initial public announcement: "If someone wants to look at the compiler ..."*

## Articles and interviews about pcc ##

* [InformIT: Competition Among Open Source Compilers > The BSD Issue](
*(01 Feb 2008)*

* [More on OpenBSD's new compiler by Jem Matzan]( *(15 Oct 2007)*

* [bsdtalk: Interview with Anders "Ragge" Magnusson](
*(05 Oct 2007)*

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