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Please document on this page about methods for standards and regression testing.

### OpenBSD regress

OpenBSD's CVS contains code for regression tests for pcc at /usr/src/regress/usr.bin/pcc/.
[CVS Web](

### GCC Testsuite
[[GCC_Testsuite]] can also be used. See [[here|GCC_Testsuite]] for details.

### Pkgsrc

Pkgsrc package build system can be used with pcc compiler if you want a way to quickly test "pcc" for a lot of "third-party" software (including doing entire bulk builds attempting thousands of packages):


Also set PCCBASE to where your bin/pcc is at (/usr/pkg is the default).

Note that NetBSD's pkgsrc package build system is portable 
and is used as the primary package build system for DragonFly and some 
distributions of Linux as well as NetBSD. It also has support for several 
operating systems.

pkgsrc also has support for selecting a custom compiler suite, including: pcc, Tru64 ccc, 
Intel icc, SGI IRIS, HPUX compiler, SGI's MIPSpro 64 and 32 compilers, Sun 
WorkShip/Forte/Sun ONE Studio, GCC, and IBM's XL compiler. It also has support 
for psuedo compilers: ccache, distcc and f2c.

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