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(Not trying to promote any specific company, but just listing some commercial
services that could be used to validate the compiler.)

For free testing, see [[Standards_and_Regression_Testing]].

## ACE SuperTest C/C++ compiler test& validation suite


The SuperTest suite contains over sixteen thousand source files and provides over
800,000 quality and conformance tests.

## The Plum Hall Validation Suite for C


Authoritative test suite for the ANSI/ISO C Standard, with both positive and negative tests for all requirements of that standard -- with over 56,000 lines of C source.

## Glen McCluskey C99/C9X (ISO/IEC 9899:1999) Test Suite

Free samples are available. Seems that *.c0 are for compilation, *.r0 for running.

## Tydeman's C99 FPCE Test Suite

The Floating-Point C Extensions test suite checks most parts of C99, with a special emphasis on floating-point (both binary and decimal) of both the math library and code generation.  There are over 22,000 files with over 2,500,000 lines of code and test vectors.  Free sample tests are available on the web site.

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