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--- todo.mdwn	2011/01/14 20:13:09	1.14
+++ todo.mdwn	2014/05/17 13:36:34	1.15
@@ -12,6 +12,14 @@
 - Teach the register allocator how to allocate multiple registers at once. This is not the same as register pairs; pairing is handled as a separate register class.
   This is used for example when a type is not supported by the underlying hardware, like long long on i386 or long on pdp11.
+- Support structs and unions in TEMPs, so that their members can be optimized.
+- Do stack space allocations using graph coloring to minimize stack usage on small-memory machines.
+- Add a clever c2 pass to handle instruction interleaving.
+- Make parameter passing common code.
 GCC compatibility:
 - PCC has GCC compatibility enabled by default, but there are a number of language constructs that may not be fully implemented, like attributes. 

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