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Revision 1.5

Random standard-conforming known things that should be added to pcc:

- Delay identifier conversion (to expression trees) when parsing function headers until after the function header is fully parsed.
  As it is right now function declarations like "int a(int b, int c[b]){ }" will fail.

- Fix runtime calculation of sizeof's on abstract dynamic declarations; "sizeof(int [b])" do currently not work.

- Add support for complex and imaginary numbers.

Other stuff that are for compatibility:

- Allow for forward declarations of enum's.  This is not allowed by C99, but most compilers accept it anyway.

- Support empty initializers.  Not allowed by C99, but some people use it since gcc accept it.

- Support unnamed unions. Not allowed by C99, but people sometimes tend to use it.

Internal cleanups:

- Cleanup prototype parsing and checking.

- Ensure that the instruction matcher do not assume that it will reclaim a register if a direct match of something else than a register is done as a leg node.
  This may require additions to visit and su fields in table and node.

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